During a Sound Massage gentle and harmonious sounds are absorbed through the bowls that have been placed on the body and as a result the client is quickly able to achieve a state of deep relaxation. Besides that, the rhythmic sounds saturate the body and produce a subtle vibration, which is experienced as a massage from within.

During a Sound Massage, an atmosphere of safety and security is created, making it possible to let go – release stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and feeling that have a negative impact on our health.

In this soothing atmosphere we can come in contact with our needs, our ‘inner wisdom’. We experience our bodies in a comforting sense. It may take a long time for the first truth to be realised. The often circular thoughts come to rest and our soul gains room for development. These are the key aspects of healthcare in a holistic sense. They are the basis for the design of a happy, independent and creative life.

“The sound of the singing bowls touches our innermost being, it brings the soul to vibrate. The sound releases tension, mobilises self-healing and sets creative energies free.” Peter Hess

“Sound frequencies interact with our own energy frequencies, attempting to rebalance the body’s energy.”